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Parents, do you know how to be your child's Role Model?
The next 12 tips will teach YOU how to be just that, someone they can love, look-up to and follow.

1. Eating Correctly: by eating correctly and healthy you'll be saving your child and yourself from obesity. Recipes with meals that are not only healthy but very flavorful are plentiful to find. It's important to moderate what and how much you/your child eats. This can be done without depriving you or them of some of the treats that we all like to eat sometimes (ice cream cones, pizza,desert, etc...). Save them as a one night a week treats, just remember not to enlarge your portions.

2. WILLING TO LEARN NEW THINGS: Show your child how you are always open to learning new things. I always say to myself that I want to learn at least one new thing a day and I usually do. So read, work on cross word puzzles, find out what your child is learning in school, watch historical documentaries,etc...

3. HELPING OTHERS: Always be willing to help others without expecting anything back. Let your neighbor a yard tool without expecting it back. Pick up someone's breakfast tab when your family is at a restaurant without letting them no you were the one who paid it. Ask if you can help an elderly person that you see is struggling. Tip as well as you financially can when you're served at a restaurant.

4. SHARING YOURSELF: Let your child into your inner self. Share with them many of the experiences you had when you were a child. Let them see and understand that you had to learn some hard lessons as you were growing up.

5. CONTROL YOUR ANGER: This one can be difficult at times, especially when you're working, raising your child, taking care of your spouse, and the other many responsibilities you have. Show with your child that you do get angry sometimes; but, you won't take it out on others. Show them how you can de-stress by counting, breathing deeply for a minute, saying you need a "me" moment, etc...

6. SHOW YOUR LOVE: When you show your love openly and frequently to your child, spouse, family, and friends, they will learn how to do so in return.

7. SHOWING RESPECT: Respect can not be demanded, it has to be earned. Voice tone and actions show your respect toward everyone. Speaking respectfully to your spouse is one major way to naturally show him and your child respect. Sarcasm, snideness, or talking down to them are no way to speak to anyone, much less those you love.

8. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Keep that positive attitude going all the time. It'll help with everything else, I promise. It makes EVERYTHING a little easier to cope with because when staying positive nothing is quite terribly traumatic.

9. SETTING LIFE GOALS: Share how you set small and large goals for whatever you want to accomplish. Post any and all of them on your refrigerator so your child can see them. Celebrate when you reach those goals. That'll show them what can happen once a goal is met. They'll be able to accomplish so much by you setting that example for them.

10. WALK THAT TALK: It is not "Do as I say, NOT as I do"! Show them by example that when you way something, you abide by it as well. You don't hold much weight if you tell them not to smoke but you do or don't yell at me when you yell at them.

11. DO UNTO OTHERS...: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. In other words, treat all others as you would want to be treated. When showing kindness, patience, understanding, and empathy toward others you are treating them as you expect to be treated. This, again, relates to showing respect especially toward your spouse, child, and family.

12. BE BRAVE: When you conquer things that make you fearful, it show your child how to do the same. By doing so, they will be able to accomplish more than they think they can. So go out there and do something they know that you're afraid of or apprehensive toward. Show them that conquering something while still being fearful truly makes a brave person, even their hero.

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