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  1. CLIMBING ONTO THE POTTY BACKWARDS:  This is the best-kept secret to potty training and I’m sharing it with you.  I personally raised my children and they all taught my grandchildren using the very same method.  I know it might sound crazy but it truly works and it makes a lot of sense, let me explain.  Your toddler probably loves to climb up on just about anything they possibly can, so why not let them child up on all those potties our there that they otherwise would not be able to get onto frontwards.  Because they can hold onto the toilet seat and covering more area of the seat, they never feel like they are going to fall in as they do sitting frontwards.  It’s also very cost effective because you don’t have to buy any type of potty training apparatuses or separate potty chairs and you don’t have to empty or clean them.  Just make sure to always wipe the toilet seat at home or in public with flushable wipes or toilet paper.
  2. GET THEM EXCITED:  Help your toddler get excited about their upcoming potty training.  Face it with an upbeat and positive attitude and they will do the same.  Make going pee-pee and pooh-pooh in the potty a really big deal, almost excited.  For starters, allow them to pick out a couple packs of underwear that have their favorite characters on them.  You can begin initially letting them wear them around the house for a bit, telling them that soon they’ll be able to wear them instead of diapers/pull-ups.
  3. SAYING “BYE-BYE”:  Most likely, by now, your toddler has seen you and/or your spouse go to the bathroom but now it’s going to be important to make a game of telling the pee-pee and/or pooh-pooh “bye-bye” as it gets flushed down the toilet (this is not time to be modest, your child’s potty training success is at stake).  This process, though it may seem silly, will help them to understand (on their level), where all that stuff goes once the toilet is flushed.  It makes them less likely to be afraid of the flushing noise, especially in public restrooms.  If they show any signs of fear about the automatic flushing toilets – just laugh, use positive reassurances, and don’t give in to their fears (it will only make it worse and make it all drag on for a longer duration).  Simply quell their fears by telling them that it’s not big deal, it’s only noise, and noise can’t hurt them.
  4. THE BACKWARDS METHOD IS MUCH MORE FUN:  This method works great for boys and girls AND they seem to learn a lot quicker.  While you are waiting for them to go (or at least trying to) you can read them a book, sings songs – ABCs or their numbers or just make up a story.  Another neat trick is to drop Fruit Loops cereal in the toilet because they float really well.  Then you can have your toddler tell you what colors they are or count them.  Boys especially can have fun trying to aim and shoot at them.
  5. POSITIVE REINFORCING ONLY:  I wouldn’t recommend having your toddler sit on the potty more than 15-20 minutes and make sure to always praise them for trying.  When they actually pee-pee and/or pooh-pooh for the first time, go crazy with the praise.  You can even reward them with some small trinket for going.  I do understand that the whole process can be messy and exasperating at times, but NEVER chastise them or shame them in any manner for having accidents.  That can be very detrimental toward their progress and can actually set them back.  Instead, let your toddler know that you understand it was an accident, that you love them, and that you know they’ll do much better next time.  When accidents do occur and if you don’t like handling the messy or stinky underwear, then just throw them away.  Just buy cheap multi-packs for that specific reason.
  6. PLEASE USE TIMERS:  It’s very important that when your toddler is just beginning their potty training that you and/or spouse set a timer to help you get them to the potty before accidents can happen.  This needs to be a very joint effort between you and your spouse because their success ultimately depends on you and you use this Backwards Method.  Make sure that your toddler doesn’t drink anything at least 1-2 hours before bedtime and that going potty is the very last thing they do before getting into bed.  You may want to start by putting on nighttime pull-ups and if they eventually become dry multiple nights in a row, then let them wear their underwear to bed.  Who knows, you might just get lucky and have a toddler that has overnight success immediately


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    1. Thank you for your comment on my post from my website However, I only understand English and it looks like it came through in some Scandinavian dialect. If you can translate it to English, I would love to know what your comment said. I do see that you had a question and I would love to be able to answer it for you. Hopefully you will reply. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

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