1- Look your child eye to eye by either squatting down or leaning down to get o their level.
2- Touch them gently or hold their hand(s) as you talk to them.
3- Give them your full attention by not only listening to them but sincerely hearing WHAT they’re trying to tell you.
4- Use their names in a quite, calm way as you talk to them.
5- Be a good example by not getting angry and don’t yell.
6- Use ONLY POSITIVE WORDS! Negativity breeds more negativity so chose your words carefully and wisely. Using positive words, praise, and affirmations will work well with any child at any age.
7- Let them know that everything is going to be okay.
8- DO NOT ARGUE with them, no matter what their age! That means teenagers too.
9- Teach them to breathe slowly and deeply.
10- Teach them to count, 1-10 when young and able to count, 1-50 if they’re tweens, and 1-100 or 100-1 if they’re teenagers.
11- Distract them with something else. Just make sure it’s with something positive – no bribes!
12- Give them the option of choosing between two good choices. Whether it’s their behavior or choosing (if they’re upset about not getting something they want) something that’s more positive.