I am 55 years young and proud of it!  I have 3 grown children, 3 grown step children, and am currently the Nana of 7 grand children.  I am the second oldest out of 5 siblings and was blessed to be adopted at the age of 2 from South Korea.

I have taken care of and nurtured dozens of children in my lifetime and that’s been my life’s gift.  So I’m sharing my knowledge and experience with all those parents out there who may be struggling to raise their children (because they certainly don’t come with any instructions). With Nana’s loving and positive tips and advice, I hope to be helping those parents by using unique and successful methods that should make child rearing go a lot smoother.

So I’m here to help guide you to successful parenting.  And, like I tell my children when giving them well-needed advice – “You can take it or leave it but out of love, I’m going to share” and no matter what they choose to do, I’ll always love them.  However, it is always easier and smarter to take the path well traveled!

I wish you success in your parenting and remember – ALWAYS DARE TO DREAM!