Hello, this is Nana of Nanabanana Wisdom.  I got my nickname, Nanabanana, from my grandchildren of which I have 7.  I’m 55 years young and very proud of it! 

My whole life has been devoted to caring for and nurturing children of all ages.  It truly is my gift and one that I want to share with you through my website.  I’ll be sharing advice and tips on how to help you, parents, out there raise your children (they don’t come with any instructions, do they?) in a loving and positive way.  I’ll also share unique methods of child-rearing in a truthful and concise way.

An interesting note about myself, I was blessed to be adopted, from Pusan, South Korea at the age of 2, by a wonderful family.  I’m the second oldest out of 5 siblings.  My first husband and I, in turn, adopted my one and only son from Seoul, South Korea when he was 9 months.  I have 2 grown biological daughters. I also have 3 grown step-children from a second marriage to my current husband.

I love my life and all the wonderful family and friends I’m blessed to have.  My biggest wish in life is that I’m able to help someone through the knowledge and experiences I share. By doing so, I want to make their parenting experience easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

So learn, adapt, and use and please don’t forget to subscribe so you can have access to future posts, videos, freebies, checklists, and much more.