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Is this the way that you would handle your child's drama?

If you answered yes, then I'd like to share with you other more positive and quicker ways to calm your child. In just one minute, with the help of the 12 tips I'll be sharing with you, you could avoid or avert drama altogether.

1.) What's Your Child's Drama Really All About?

Children between the ages of one and two-and-half have very limited verbal and social skills. Which, although appropriate for their age groups, can make it quite frustrating for parents when trying to understand their child's wants and needs.

As challenging as it is to you as a parent, it is doubly so for your child. Their frustration can manifest itself into tantrums, full of crying, screaming, and/or even flailing about.

However, I'm going to share with you a wonderful method to use so communicating with your child becomes much easier.

Many Day Care Facilities are currently teaching toddlers to use simple sign language symbols that enable them to better communicate with their teachers/aides.

So, make sure that you read to the end of this post. I'm giving you a link that will have a free downloadable chart and other secret things as well.

This is a simple sign language symbols chart that's very colorfully illustrated. Make a copy, put on your fridge, and then everyone can use them.

Be able to understand your child better when they're trying to communicate to you. It's actually quite fun and children/toddlers pick it up very quickly!

2.) Being Prepared Ahead Of Time

Preparing yourself and your child before heading out is the key to a successful, drama free outing.

The are some very important items, if done ahead of time, will ensure a good time is had by you both.

1- Make sure, if at all possible, that your child has a nap or is well rested before going out. I would recommend even delaying what you want to get done if they're tired. It'll be the difference between a good outing or an emotional one.

2- Make sure that you pack everything that'll be needed in their diaper bags/backpacks.

3- Make your child as comfortable as possible in their car seats and/or strollers. Having their favorite stuffed toy, a favorite blanket, or pacifier will not only be comforting but soothing to them as well.

3.) Are YOU Ready To Take This On?

As I'm sure you know, sometimes it won't matter what you do, for some unknown reason your child is going to act out.

So when they do, are you going to be ready to deal with whatever your child throws your way?

Are you going to have the necessary positive parenting skills to handle the drama or the tantrums?

If you don't feel like you do, don't worry because you have this NANA helping you out. I've got your back!

I'm going to share 12 tips that'll help you be able to avoid or avert whatever comes your way. And, you can do it in one minute. Wouldn't that be fantastic!

1- Look your child eye to eye by either squatting down or leaning down to get o their level. 2- Touch them gently or hold their hand(s) as you talk to them.
3- Give them your full attention by not only listening to them but sincerely hearing WHAT they're trying to tell you.
4- Use their names in a quite, calm way as you talk to them.
5- Be a good example by not getting angry and don't yell.
6- Use ONLY POSITIVE WORDS! Negativity breeds more negativity so chose your words carefully and wisely. Using positive words, praise, and affirmations will work well with any child at any age.

7- Let them know that everything is going to be okay.
8- DO NOT ARGUE with them, no matter what their age! That means teenagers too.
9- Teach them to breathe slowly and deeply.
10- Teach them to count, 1-10 when young and able to count, 1-50 if they're tweens, and 1-100 or 100-1 if they're teenagers.
11- Distract them with something else. Just make sure it's with something positive - no bribes!
12- Give them the option of choosing between two good choices. Whether it's their behavior or choosing (if they're upset about not getting something they want) something that's more positive.

5.) If It Takes More Than A Minute

As with everything in life, nothing is an absolute. So, your child might not respond to just one of the tips that you use. You may have to employ multiple items at the same time.

Your child, being the total different and individualistic person they are, may do things in a more challenging way.

Don't worry, these tips help and work on them if you just continue to utilize them.

If you've never done any of them before and you suddenly start implementing what you've learned to day, your child may or may not respond in one minute.

Keep doing it anyway. Be consistent and persistent - don't give up. They'll catch on and start responding quickly.

Every once in a while you'll sometimes need a stricter disciplinary action, such as a time-out or a loss of a privilege (for older children).

If you're not implementing any of the tips, it's never to late to - LEARN, ADAPT, AND USE what you learn. You can do it!

If you are already using some of the tips, good for you. Keep it up and share with others that you know who are trying or struggling to raise their child(ren).

Please comment below with any questions you may have. Or, if you have any other suggestions that work for you that I can share with other parents.

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Okay, I promised that I'd share a link with you to get a free sign language chart. But, I'm also including a list of items that need to be in your child's diaper bag. One list for babies and another for toddlers. Also, you can download a copy of the 12 tips so you can have them handy for reference anytime you might need them.

I WILL BE HOSTING A FREE WEBINAR ON FRIDAY, APRIL 5th - in correlation to this post but in more depth and with actual examples how to implement each of the 12 tips.

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