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The getting ready for your little bundle of joy has been so exciting and fun up to this point.  However, that time has come and gone and reality is now hitting you smack dab in your face the moment you get home.

You’re still recovering from having your baby, your hormones are highly volatile, your husband has to go back to work, and you’re now the sole caretaker of your precious little baby,  It seems quite daunting and overwhelming, can it not?

But never fear, you have Nanabanana here.  And, my number one tip:  use whomever you can to help you. Hopefully, you have family and/or friends that can help you and definitely use them if they are willing.  If they don’t volunteer don’t be afraid to ask them for a little help.  Remember that they’re there to help you carry some of the load, not all of it.  If they’re going to help you at home while you are there make sure you get some rest in between caring for your baby (not texting or watching TV all day).  They are there to help you so, use but don’t abuse their help.

My second tip: write a schedule based on the first week you’re home with your baby.  Leave a notebook out or download a schedule template off the internet so you can easily get to it easily.  Write down how many, how much, and what time your baby feeds; write down each diaper change, cataloging when they pee and/or poop; and when they nap and sleep.  It’s really easy to keep up with and will make your life a lot simpler.  It will also help anyone (including your spouse) who might be helping.

If you’re breastfeeding, I highly recommend investing in an electric breast pump.  It will enable you to pump extra bags so those helping you can fee the baby too.  Breast milk freezes very well (you can find out exactly how long on one of my pins on Pinterest).  Defrosted in hot water, not boiling water and NEVER microwave it because that will diminish its nutrients.

If you use formula, it’s extremely helpful to premake bottles the night before.  Make enough to last through the night and next day.  I know it seems like it’s one more thing to do when you’re already exhausted so make sure you delegate to your husband or whoever else is helping you.  Also, try to do at least one load of dirty baby clothes a day – those little bundles of joy can initially throw-up, spit-up, and poop through at least three to five outfits a day (it will get less as the age).

Again delegate, delegate, delegate – you’re going to have your hands full with everything else

Whenever you go out, make sure to always pack a fully loaded diaper bag with the following: plenty of diapers, formula powder, bottled water, (if breastfeeding it’s all, you), a couple of extra outfits, baby wipes, spit-up wipes (I use to call them rags), and most importantly your own changing mat.  Never place your baby directly on those public restroom changing tables, they are filled with contaminating fecal germs as well as many other unknown yucky germs.  Lastly, make sure to wipe down your mat after each change with a fresh baby wipe before putting it back into your diaper bag.

Diaper bags have changed a lot from when I had my own children and they have become so much more functional for parents.  I highly recommend the backpack model of diaper bags.  It leaves your hands free, it’ll store nicely on your stroller; but best of all, your spouse can carry it and still look cool.

Make sure to rest when you can, don’t be afraid to delegate, make sure you and your spouse work together, and most of all, enjoy every moment you can with your new little bundle of joy!

Below are some of the products that I mentioned in the above post that is through my affiliation with Amazon.  The breast pump will definitely make your life easier if you choose to breastfeed your baby and the backpack diaper bags are some of the most highly rated for functionality.

As always, if you choose to purchase any of the items I don’t receive any money from you, only from Amazon.

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