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Is Social Media more important than your child?  Then I promise you it is going to negatively affect their development and behavior.  Please, don’t let this be you!

This is a call to action that I felt I had to share after observing a particular situation that I’m going to describe to you.  It almost broke my heart.

Last week I was sitting in a booth eating breakfast at one of my local restaurants and directly behind me sat a father and his little daughter.  The whole time that I was there he was on his phone using social media and cruising the web.  I kept hearing the little girl trying to get his attention.  At one point she asked, “Daddy, is that a snake?” (I’m assuming that the snake was showing on his phone) at least six times and he never responded.  She tried multiple times to converse with him but to no avail.

I didn’t know whether to yell at him for ignoring her or cry for that precious little girl because of her Daddy’s total lack of attention to her.

I finally could stand no longer, I turned around and asked his permission to speak with his adorable daughter.  For just a few seconds she was shy, but then I told her I had grand-daughter her age and she lit right up.  I asked what she was eating, I complimented her headband in her hair, and asked how old she was (she held up 3 little fingers).  By the time I finished asking her some questions, she was openly chatting with me.  She was absolutely adorable.

PARENTS, your children are little for such an incredibly short time even though it may not seem so sometime, but it is I promise you it will fly by.  Soon they won’t want to hang around you at all and that’s a sad time to have regrets about not spending enough time with them.  That’s all she needed and wanted, just someone to pay attention to her.  Her father is setting up a terrible pattern of behavior that his daughter is going to reflect back to him by not listening to him when he’s trying to talk/tell her something.  But, he only has himself to blame.  If he would only do the following:

Pay attention to your child! Look them directly in the eyes when you talk to them.  Ask them about their ideas, opinions (believe me, some of them will have you laughing your head off), and really talking to them, really listen.  You’ll find it wonderfully rewarding and they, in turn, will be more open with you. There will be a great degree of trust and respect because when you treat them that way, they will respond back the same way.


  1. This is some pretty sound advice. We often feel too busy in today’s society, so that when we finally have some time to wind down and socialize in person, we often neglect those closest around us. I am glad to have the comparison of older children and younger children to see how they differ from the ones before the technology and the ones after. The ones before the iPhones are more independent and do have a closer bond. I hope to be able to build the same with the younger ones as they age up. I have limited their use of phones and games, especially when we are eating together. That is a time when we talk about things and put our phones down.

    1. Hi Doug, thank you so much for your comment about my blog. Comments let me know what really matters to people. It was so sad to hear how blatant
      that father was toward his little girl just to be on his phone.
      I just completed my first YouTube video and am launching it this Friday. Check it out and give my a thumbs up (hopefully it doesn’t suck so bad you have to give me a thumbs down – haha) and/or comments.
      Please share or recommend my website Thanks again and take care.

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