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Just when you thought you have got this potty training thing down, BOOM, here comes some set backs.  They’re going pee-pee and/or pooh-pooh in their underwear and not telling you they have to go or they’re wetting their bed again.  Your toddler has been doing absolutely terrific so far, so what’s going on with them?  They are simply back tracking a few stages, it’s not permanent.

This is usually due to an upset within their normal day to day activities, schedules, or some kind of trauma such as becoming ill.  Any major parental lax on your part can also cause this to happen.

Don’t freak out!  This can actually be a part of their training, so pull up your grown up panties and calmly deal with it.  Luckily you have me to help you through.

You literally have to go back to the beginning: put pull-ups on at night, use a timer again to get them back on a schedule, praise never degrade, and they’ll bounce back really well.  Matter of fact, they usually bounce back rather quickly; but it is up to you, as their parent, to help them get back on track.

In my experience they’ll be right back where they left off with in a week, just make sure you stay consistent and persistent.  You’ve got this!

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