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Are you and your spouse parenting in a unified way that is cohesive and understood by your children? Will your child be able to stand strong in the knowledge that they can depend on the way that their parents are raising them? Will you and your spouse follow the same guidelines and methods of parenting each and every time? Can your child expect to receive the same type of disciplining from both parents?

This is a very serious situation that is very prevalent in today’s parenting methods.

Are you a parent that screams and shouts, shovels out criticism, or even uses physical punishment? Or do let your child do and act any way they wish because you’re too tired or don’t have the backbone to discipline them?

So many times couples meet, fall in love, marry, then there’s the excitement of having their little bundle of joy. It’s all an ecstatic whirlwind in your married lives. But wait, did you ever have a discussion (especially prior to getting married) on the methods of which you each want to raise your children? Do you each know how the other wants to implement discipline and what method(s) each prefers to use? NO! You didn’t. That’s usually why couples are having trouble now.

Couples don’t realize that this disagreement can be a “make it or break it decision” in their relationship. Most of the decention that parents have amongst themselve is that very topic. They so often think it’s a kid behavioral thing but it’s not, it’s a parental thing. If a child’s parents have two different diciplining methods, they will be extremenly confused, scared, uncertain of who to listen to. Many times they end up acting out in an even worse way.

It’s not to late to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with your spouse and come to a united decision on how you are BOTH going to raise your child(ren). There will have to be sacrifices from each of you. You must be willing to change your negative parenting for a more positveparenting method.

Don’t let the past (the rough or hard upbringing you may have had) dictate how you raise your child. Break the mold, be the very best parent(s) you can be, and be willing to raise them using a united and positive parenting front.

I’m going to include a checklist that will help you decide weather you and your spouse are united or are on different planets. It will determine if you’re doing pretty darn good already, if you need to improve a bit, or if you need to seriously consider getting help from a professional to get on the same plain.

Please, don’t take any improvements you need to make personally. This is for the betterment of your child’s healthy growth and development. And, if you’re reading this post that means that you do care, so go for it – YOU CAN BE A BETTER PARENT!

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