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So you’ve cruised through your baby’s infancy and their cute one-year-old stage. Being able to watch them start walking and talking is a euphoric time as a parent. They’re still so incredibly adorable and now heading toward an age that’s equally adorable.

This time can also be a very challenging age if you allow it ; but, understanding why your child may act the way they are is the first step to you and their success. You can navigate through this with Nanabanana’s help!

Where there is understanding and knowledge, there’s a better insight into how to deal with whatever your toddler may throw your way.

I before addressed the issue of not allowing your toddler to pick out their own clothes until they reach around five. This will avoid many clashes and tantrums that I have seen happen over the years.

However, make sure they understand that it’s Mommy/Daddy’s responsibility to choose their clothes for them. They can help make small choices like a choosing between two shirts that you’re okay with them wearing.

Teach them how to put their sock and shoes on (help them also to learn how to distinguish left from their right). Teach them how to put their pants/shorts/skirts on with the tag in the back while also teaching them how to put their shirts/dresses on also.

TIP: With shirts/dresses have your toddler put their arms in first then flip them over their heads. This works especially good with coats/jackets/sweaters/ by having them put them on the floor, couch, or bed with the hat/hoodies/collars facing towards them. Have them place both arms in the sleeves then just flip the item over their heads. Easy-peasy!

When my first-born girl tried to do this the first time she did it upside down which put her little cone hat on her bottom. It was sooo cute and funny because it made her look like a little bumblebee with a stinger. So from then on we called it the “BUMMBLEBEE TRICK” and all seven of my grandchildren grew up using that particular method.

The same rules go for brushing/combing your child’s hair, especially for your little girl. Dressing up your little girl’s hair is your prerogative, not theirs. Use the same age limits (around five years old) before allowing them to express some independence while keeping an eye on exactly what they do with it.

TIP: When brushing your little boy/girl’s hair, always use a detangler whether their hair is wet or dry. If their hair is longer, gently grasp a tress of hair as close to their head as possible without hurting them. With a bad tangle, then gently pull it apart with your fingers, then continue brushing.

There is a fine line between teaching your toddler to aid you with certain steps in their own development and allowing them too much leeway when they’re developmentally not ready for it.

Giving them two choices always work, it makes them feel a little independent and you feel like a great parent! So go for it!

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